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Montana Enduro Biking Series Hits Helena Tomorrow

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This Saturday is the Helenduro mountain biking race. That's nothing new. What is new are the three races joining the Helenduro this year.

"We're looking to expand this endurance that we've done here in Helena into other communities in Montana," said The Garage owner Stephen Coen.

The addition of these three races has resulted in the creation of the Montana Enduro series. The new races are one race in Bozeman, one in Great Falls, and the final race in Helena.

"It is a series, but each race is an individual event," said Coen. "Each stage you get a point based on your position that you finished that stage. Those points add up and that's how we get our series winner."

This weekend's focus, however, is on the Helenduro. 

"Seems like every year they've gotten a little bit harder," said bike mechanic and race participant Cole Johnson. "Courses have gotten a little bit longer. The nice thing about this year is that it kind of appeals to anyone. Lots of people can come out and just casually go out with friends and have a good time."

"The course in the morning is a 10 o'clock start time and the race start will be at the parking lot of Mt. Helena," said Coen. "All the way up to the tippy top of Mt. Helena. And that's where the race really starts and get's going. So stage one incorporates some of the classic downhills which is the Hog's Backtrail coming off the backside of Mt. Helena.

We'll go all the way out to the start of stage two which is the top of Show Me the Horse trail. Cruising all the way of the 1.5 miles, 800 foot descent down to the bottom of stage two.

So from here you're going to get yourself out to the York area and to the second race course and stage three which is called Bear Trap Gulch. We're going to head up Trout Creek Canyon. You get up to the top and you have a four mile 2200 foot descent to the finish."

Registration for the race, which will go a total of 6.7 miles will be at the Garage in Helena at 8 a.m..
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