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Electrics Wanting to Get Better, Ready for Conference Play

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The Great Falls Electrics are a little slow out of the gate. And part of the reason why is their youth and inexperience.

"We're coming along slow, a little slow. They're just, most of them are fifteen. Just a couple sixteens and one 17 year old boy. And we just started the last two games playing pretty good baseball," said George Febach, head coach.

The Electrics are 5-7 on the season and still have some work to do. But they also have some things that they do well and hope to carry over into conference play.

"A strength is two strike hitting and pitching. Our pitching really gets it done and gets ground balls and fly balls. And two strike hitting is just pretty good. Most of the kids do pretty well with it. There's a few that struggle but I think we can get that to get better with practice," said Jake Fisher, CF/P.

The Electrics are getting better with practice. But it's the mental mistakes that they need to limit if they want to win in conference.

"We're just trying to clean up fielding errors, mental stuff. Knowing what bag to go to with the ball when it's hit and everything else. And, I don't know, I think we're looking for a win, obviously, our first conference game," said Joe Maney, C/3B.

Despite a slow start to the season, Electrics head coach George Febach is still confident in his young but talented team.

"I'd like it for them to make it to the state, which is pretty tough. When you've got an A team with a AA team that's pretty hard to do, because you're playing the littler towns with 18 year old boys. But this team has a lot of talent. The young kids are just really good athletes, and they play hard, " said Feebach.

The Electrics will look to get it going this Wednesday as they host Tri County with first pitch scheduled for 3 pm.

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