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Helena Brewers Shaking Rust Off Before Opener

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Today was the first day many of the Brewers have even been to the ballpark, with a lot of the guys just getting in last night! But talking with Manager Tony Diggs, the key word this year is aggressive. 

"We talk to the players about being aggressive whether it's on offense or defense," said Diggs. "Pitching wise as well. Hopefully the guys can carry over what they've been doing in extended spring which is doing those things."

Offensively this team won't be hitting them to Mount Helena, they have a different strategy in mind.

"Offensively I think we have a little more speed than we did last year," said Diggs. "But we probably don't have as much power as we did last year so hopefully those two things even themselves out."

"We got Elvis Rubio who's played pretty well for the past two years." said hitting coach Jason Dubois. "We've got Neuhaus, Tucker Neuhaus, Brandon Diaz. I would say you keep an eye on all of them. You never know what you're going to get out of each guy."

On the prospect watch for this year's team, plenty of call ups from the Arizona League, including last year's top selection, right handed pitcher Devin Williams, who's not taking his promotion for granted.

"Just keeping people off base," said Williams, the Brewers' second round selection in 2013. "That's my main goal. People stay off base they don't score runs. That's my focus for right now, keeping my walks down. We got a lot of strike throwers. We got a lot of guys that don't walk people. I mean if you keep people off base than you're winning games."

Just as important as the guys throwing the ball is the guy calling the pitches. Williams and the rest of the staff could be relying on a kid fresh out of college to make those correct calls.

"It's going to be an adjustment to pro ball everyday," said 2014 9th round pick Greg McCall. "Playing everyday instead of three or four times a week. It's definitely a leadership role that I'd love to take on. It's about getting to know the pitchers. Getting acquainted with them, learning their tendencies, what they like and don't like."

This year's Brewers have a total of 8 first year players and a whopping 13 from the 2013 draft and free agency. And you can bet they'll be counting on big contributions from all of them.
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