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Testimony Begins at Cislo Retrial

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GREAT FALLS - After a mistrial due to a hung jury in January, Glen Cislo is back in court being retried on a charge of sexual intercourse without consent. Today's proceedings began with the alleged victim taking the stand.

The victim said that night that "he got dressed and drove me home and said don't tell anyone. I can get into a lot of trouble. It's a big deal."

The defense argued that the victim may not have remembered events that evening, and that what was said to have happen, possibly didn't.

The victim said when cross examined that "I said I don't think I remember, but I think he kissed me. It went black for a little bit."

The afternoon saw some questions surrounding the case answered. The victim admitted to having a drink before meeting Cislo and that she had another on the car ride over to the civic center, but it didn't end there.

Forensic Interviewer Kami Stone said that "she said that 'he', that's what we were referring to him as, provided her with alcohol. I believe she told me it was put in a water bottle so that others wouldn't notice."

The victim was described as hesitant, the "he" was Cislo. Cislo originally denied that after the fights he brought the victim to his house, but changed the story during police interrogation.

Detective Noah Scott of the Great Falls Police Department said "Mr. Cislo gave her alcoholic beverages and eventually became intoxicated. Mr. Cislo eventually gave her a ride to his residence."

During the interview at the police station Cislo admits to providing one drink and kissing the victim, but vehemently denied having intercourse. The victim told Detective Scott that intercourse had taken place in Cislo's house.

Proceedings will continue tomorrow morning.
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