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Emotions High at Thursday Nights Neighborhood Council Three Meeting

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 Emotions were high at the neighborhood council three meeting Thursday night. More than one-hundred people packed Corpus Christi Catholic Church to discuss the proposed development in the valley view community.

Sheila Rice the executive director of NeighborWorks presented a plan that could add up to 95 lots for low to moderate income families and give them the opportunity to become first time home owners. The proposal plans to swap a part of the exisiting park for a new one in the subdivision.

"If there is a park land exchange, then we will have a new park there. If there is no park land exchange, if the city commission by a 4/5 vote, does not approve a park land exchange then there will be houses there and we will pay the city whats called a park fee in lieu", according to Sheila Rice.

Several residents protested the park exchange but others raised concerns with the project itself. Everything from home value… saftey... And overcrowding at schools.

"Do you want to have 150-thousand dollar home right next door? cause that's whats going to happen. And it's a very sobering fact", said one citizen.

"You can't tell me that one of these homes might not have a high schooler. And I know, I work at the high school and I know how they drive, their not going to hit that northwest bypass and go to CMR. Their gonna hit 10th avenue and zoom down that road."

"An entire subdivision of low-income the only things we're gonna get is… pardon my mouth is another park dale only individual houses," said another citizen.

Dennis Castle began the petition against the project and rallied his neighbors to the meeting. After about an hour and a half of public comment one thing was clear to Dennis…

"They don't want the housing project, they don't want the swap of the park and I think they basically said and let the council know that they don't want no part of this project," according to Dennis.

And for NeighborWorks,  Sheila said  last night's meeting clarified some things, but her biggest take away is that valley view residents are concern

"We'll be going back to the drawing board. We'll look at the park swap, we'll look at a lot of the questions brought up tonight because the neighbors really helped us understand this parcel better, not the park parcel but the main development better and so they gave us a lot of great feedback. I'm really glad we were here."

No decision was reached last night, the council assured the crowd that they will call another meeting if anything develops.

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