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Local Youth Soccer Players Watching and Learning from 2014 World Cup

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Kids who play soccer all over the world dream of one day playing in the World Cup. And for the kids in the Great Falls Thunderbolts soccer program, they have been watching the World Cup, cheering on their favorite team.

Kellen Borggard, U12 Thunderbolts, "My favorite team has to be the US because that's where I come from but I think Japan is doing really great too."

Lizzy Jaraczeski, U11 "I watched the US games and my favorite player is Clint Dempsey."

Javier Cabrales, U11 Thunderbolts "My favorite team is Mexico and my favorite player is Giovani Dos Santos because he can score from distance is really fast."

Macie McElhenne, U12 Thunderbolts, "My favorite team is Argentina because of Lionel Messi."

Gavin Groshelle, U11 Thunderbolts "My favorite team is the USA and my favorite player is Clint Dempsey."

Now, these kids aren't watching on accident. Coach and academy director, Joel Marinaccio, says that he wants his kids to watch because it helps them become better players.

Joel Marinaccio, Thunderbolts Coach/Academy Director, "every year when the World Cup rolls around and when it finally does come around it's a huge event. If you're a soccer player you got to be watching and we stress that to our kids. I text the parents that your daughter needs to watch this player so as a coaching tool it's fabulous."

Watching has also inspired. The kids take what they see on the world's biggest stage and bring it to their own practice field.

Kellen Borggard, "I think it's affected me because I just take what they do on the field and bring it to this field and use them as role models."

Nicholas Downs, Thunderbolts Coach, "it's a big eye opener. We come to practice and we talk about the game and about what they saw and then we lecture about it. I think it's a good experience for these kids to watch so that way when they play they can just incorporate what they see, especially with the world superstars in form right now."

The World Cup continues tomorrow with the USA playing Portugal and you can bet the kids will be watching, learning, and practicing to hopefully one day play in a World Cup.

"Go Team USA, Team USA all the way!"

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