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Hall of Famer Gene Keady and Carroll's Carson Cunningham Have Special Bond

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They say that on the basketball team the closest thing to an on court coach is the point guard. For Carson Cunningham, it took his Hall of Fame coach, Gene Keady, to show him that's not always true.

"Sometimes he had trouble figuring out that I was the dictator," joked Keady. " Once he learned that he was a great player. He's one of the reasons I got into the Hall of Fame."

Cunningham got to know Keady and his hard nosed coaching style very well during his playing time at Purdue. Their styles complemented each other, creating a lasting friendship.

"Good ball handler, good player, opinionated, smart," said Keady. "Really did a great job as far as being the kind of player coaches want."

"He's an old school guy with a great mentality based on being able to have a positive attitude, work hard, and be disciplined," added Cunningham.

And as if it wasn't enough that Keady got to know Carson, he also had a pretty good relationship with his mother!

"His mom would always call me up before we go on a road trip and say 'Coach how's Carson dressed? Is he okay?'" laugh's Keady. "And I'd say 'Of course he is, he's a good kid. He was raised by the right woman!'"

"I maybe had an interesting sense of fashion," joked Cunningham. "And my mom used to gently encourage coach to see the more 1950's style of dress. But I do remember those talks about maybe sharpening up the wardrobe a little bit."

So whether it was sharpening up his game, or his wardrobe, coach Keady has always been there for Coach Cunningham, just so long as he remembers who's the boss.

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