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B-25 Maid in the Shade Comes to Montana

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The Commemorative Air Force allows the memory of select planes that flew in World War II to live on. They fly planes all over the country and one has made its way to Montana.

Pilot Russ Gilmore said of the visit, "We're on summer tour. We fly our B-17 and B-25's on our summer tour. We go out around the country, were a flying museum."

One of the CAF's treasures, B-25 Bomber 'Maid in the Shade,' was known for its share of frontline activity.

Gilmore said it "flew missions out of Corsica against the German's, Italy, Romania, and Yugoslavia. It went on some pretty hairy missions taking out railroad bridges through low altitude attack."

The b-25Bbecame famous in April of 1942 when sixteen of them were sent to bomb Tokyo just months after Pearl Harbor. For one World War II Veteran, the memories of the B-25 come after the war.

Retired Pilot and World War II Veteran Jim Geiger "I had just gotten married so they put me to fly in these, just whatever I wanted to do, and they were a sweet plane."

Gilmore said "Jimmy Doolittle knows B-25's really well. He flew one off the Hornet when we first struck back on Japan in the famous 'Doolittle Raid.'"

We have read books or seen photos, but up close is a whole different experience.

"we show people what the airplane's look like rather than reading in a book or seeing on TV, now you can touch, go inside the airplane, you can even go for a ride in the airplane," said Gilmore.

All those who work with the CAF are volunteers. They collect, restore, and preserve all planes so that they can show them, but the biggest purpose of the flying museum is to remember.

Gilmore enjoys the work and says "that's why we do what we do. We never want to forget the sacrifices our veterans made for freedoms that we enjoy today."

Maid in the shade will be in Montana thru Friday at Cut Bank Municipal Airport. To come see the plane or even book a flight in it call (480) 322-5503.

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