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Fireworks Stands Are Open, City Ordinances in Effect

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Fireworks stands opened for business today in Cascade County to the delight of stand owners and the many fans of July 4th. While many enjoy the holiday itself, police say there are rules in the city that must be obeyed.

Sgt. Bryan Slavik of the Great Falls Police Department says "fireworks can't be set off inside the city limits of great falls until July 2nd at 8am through July 4th at midnight."

And when fireworks are allowed to be set off, be wary of where you can be when you enjoy them.

Slavik says to residents that "fireworks can only be set off on private property. All public property is prohibited. All sidewalks, cause that's where we understand where most people set them off, but they need to be in their driveway or some place like that."

Those properties include schools and public parks. Police for the last several years have stepped up enforcement on fireworks and the penalties are fairly steep.

According to Slavik, fines are "$100 for the 1st offense, $200 for the 2nd offense, $300 for the 3rd offense, and it's $1,000 for the 4th and higher offenses."

Great Falls Police ask residents to take their neighbors into account when handling fireworks as well.

Slavik wants people to enjoy the holiday, but wants residents to "respect other people's abilities to have a quiet peaceful neighborhood at least until July 2nd. People have dogs, and pets, and don't want the noise. They don't want any of that. We obviously get a little more tolerant the closer it gets."

For those purchasing fireworks in the coming days, Great Falls Police and vendors also ask that you be safe when setting them off.

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