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CMR Alum Nicholas Downs Giving Back to Great Falls Youth Soccer

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People usually don't forget their hometown. Great Falls native, Nicholas Downs, surely hasn't and is giving back to his community through the game of soccer.

Nicholas Downs, Coach, "It's a good feeling.  Being back home is nice and to be able to relax and get my training done. It's a real joy training kids - I did it before but now I'm doing it more often and I can get my training in and also train kids."

Downs' soccer resume is impressive, so having him around and coaching is a big plus for the program.

Joel Marinaccio, Thunderbolts Director/Coach, "He's an asset to this community. As far as the younger kids - couldn't have anything better.  He's a great kid, respectful, listens, works hard, I mean, his work ethic is second to none."

Downs help coach a boys team within the Thunderbolts program and isn't afraid to make sure his kids are doing their job.

Brady Herzog, Thunderbolts player, "it's kind of fun but sometimes it is hard because we have to do push ups and do other hard things if we goof off."

Downs may be tough on his kids but its only because he cares and wants them to be good players.

"I just want them to get better. There's nothing more for than for them to get a drill right away or for them try and understand and be able to incorporate it into a game because as coaches we've been incorporating things and when we see it in games that's the best thing. That's how their going to build just from what we teach and if they do it in the game it's going to be perfect, said Downs."

After the summer, Downs will return to UNC-Greensboro for his sophomore season but you can count on him to come back and give back to his hometown.

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