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Pfennigs Twins Have Special Bond

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As Tyler and Justin Pfennigs would put it, they share identical everything. They look the same, they eat the same, everything they do is the same. But that will change this fall when they go opposite directions.

Justin Pfennigs, "it's definitely going to be different. I mean we've been together every day of our lives and the most we've been away from one another was last week when he went down to the Mon-Dak and it was weird - I felt lost and I don't know - it's going to be different."

Tyler Pfennigs, "Next year it's probably going to be a little weird at first but i'll go down to watch his baseball games and he'll come down to Bozeman for a couple weekends so I don't think it'll be too bad."

Justin is headed to MSU-Billings to play baseball. Tyler is going to Bozeman and is still deciding if he'll try to walk-on the football team. Both are spending this summer, the same way they have playing for the Chargers.

"Just two great kids. They're quiet but they lead by example, I mean they barely talk but they're hard working kids and they get the job done, both of them," said PJ Cook, Chargers Head Coach.

The twins will be apart in college but looking back, they say that playing sports together has made their bond even tighter and has given them lasting memories.

"It's really something that a lot of people don't get to experience. you always have that one person who will help pick you up when you're down. Some of the best memories I have is when Justin is catching and I'm pitching. It's just a different feeling and like we're on the same wavelength," said Tyler Pfennigs.

"He always is there to help out to tell me what I can fix and always there to pick me up and stuff so it's nice," said Justin Pfennigs.

Tyler and Justin have shared that special connection their entire life and despite going different ways their brotherly bond will always be the same.

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