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Voyagers' Fish, Fisher Share Similar Names

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Voyager fans are used to hearing a the name "Zach Fisher" the last three years, but now, fans might have to start paying extra special attention later in the lineup.

There's a Zach "Fish" on the team, without the "e" and without the "r." If you're confused, you're not the only one.

"A lot of times we’ll hit back to back in the lineup," says Voyagers catch Zach Fisher. "And it screws up the visiting P.A. announcer. It’s really funny sometimes."

"When he’s up at bat and I’m on deck, they’ll say 'cmon fish,'" says Voyagers Outfielder Zach Fish. "And I turn around and look at them, but they’re talking to the guy that’s at the plate."

Both Zachs have been called “fish” their whole lives, which doesn’t make the situation any better. Especially when they met for the first time at extended training in Arizona.

"They kept calling him “Fish” the whole time," says Zach Fish. "And every time they say 'Fish,' I would turn around, and they say, 'no, we’re talking about the other kid.'"

"Sometimes it gets confusing because he’s Fish and I’ve responded to Fish my whole life," says Zach Fisher. "So it gets pretty weird."

They also call each other "Fish."

"I feel like I’m talking in 3rd person all the time," says Fish.

But there are differences between them. Fisher is a catcher and this is his 3rd year with the organization. Fish is a rookie outfielder from Oklahoma State and the 2014 Big-12 player of the year.

But no matter which Fish gets called to the plate, the voyagers are hoping that they’ll both provide the same great results.