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Protect Yourself from the Sun This Summer

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The summer time sun shine is great for any outdoor activity, but the sun and heat makes it tough to work for people who work outside all day. It's hot outside, at noon it was 95 degrees. And while many of us can just stay inside construction workers like Matt Proud have to work in the sun and heat.

"Your in the heat your in the sun. it's been 9 months since we had this kind of heat so people are not ready for it," says Proud.

Proud says he and other construction worker do what they can to beat the heat and keep them from getting burned.

"And as a construction inspector and some of the other inspectors we put these things around our neck that is cold water kind of keep us cool. But that is something we take very seriously this time a year." adds Proud.

In fact like this chart by the EPA shows during the afternoon the suns UV rays are at a dangerous level for Montana in just 15 minuets of exposure, which according to Katie Brown, a Physicians Assistant at the Great Falls Medical Clinic, can be bad for your health.

"Acutely sun damage causes redness of the skin, and in severe cases it can start to cause blistering of the skin. So it is very important that you wear sun screen, but then long term damage if your exposed to sun over a long period of time, then that is when it can lead to skin cancer," says Brown.

Brown recommends applying sun screen lotion regularly if you must be out in the sun for a long time.

"Every 2 hours because typically the sun screen can wear off through that time period. If you are working, your sweating, it may wear off sooner. So things like reapplying every 2 hours, I know if your construction you are like I don't want to put lotion in my hands and rub it all over my body when I'm dirty. Now we have the convent sun sprays, grab a bottle of that and spray it on your body, wear long sleeves, long pants wide brimmed hats," explains Brown.

Proud says he also recommends staying hydrated to his fellow outdoor workers.

"Staying real hydrated in early July when your not used to the heat. it comes on really quick and so you are not used to being hydrated and sweating this much. So actually this time a year especially getting into the 90's its very important to stay hydrated," says Proud.

Remember this summer while you work and play to protect your skin from the sun to prevent any long term damage.


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