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The Future of Baseball Looks Good for Helena Babe Ruth League

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HELENA -  Learning to play baseball like many things in life is all about taking baby steps. In order to get to the professional level, you have to start somewhere!

"Focusing, learning attention, learning where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be ready," said coach Mike Campbell. "That's what I focus on mostly."

The Babe Ruth rookie league focuses on teaching kids the fundamentals, which lots of times can be tough because a five year olds focus isn't always on the game.

"I always ask the kids 'Are you ready? Who's ready?'" said Campbell. "And that keeps the focus away from the dirt, away from the grass, away from wanting to turn around in circles."

Of course the main objective is having fun. So I asked these little future All-Stars their favorite part is learning about the game.

"Hitting the ball and catching it."

"I love batting and catching."

"First and catcher." 


"Running and jumping."


They all get to polish their skills because coaches follow a simple rule: everyone gets to play. 

"We don't have any set standard rules," said Campbell, "except that everybody gets to bat, everybody gets to play every position, there's no outs, everybody gets to run. So it's really an introductory way to get these kids comfortable with the game."

And as that happens the coaches feel it's a job well done, and one that keeps them coming back. 

"I started coaching ten years ago and I see the kids I coached ten years ago and I think the biggest reward is what they get out of it," added Campbell. "I get thanks from those guys and I get hey you know  I'm doing this coach and you know that's cool."

So whether or not these are the first steps of baseball careers, these kids are learning and having a great time. And that's always worth doing.
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