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CM Russell Museum Releases Auction Schedule

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The CM Russell Art Museum has announced their brand new schedule for the popular 2015 Russell Art auction. This past year the western art week festivities moved to a bigger location to add more events.

"So that move to the Mansfield Center was quite successful for us. We saw a large growth about 20% growth in the market for the auction events that we did," says Executive Director, Michael Duchemin.

This change helped increase both the attendance and the sales for one of great fall's biggest draws.

"So last year for 2014, the museum increased the net proceeds to help run through our operations to 1.4 million dollars, that was up from 1.1 million dollars in 2013," adds Duchemin.

This year the western art week committee has decided to streamline their events and so they have made changes to their schedule due to last years results.

"That's correct we have finalized our schedule in 2015. We have made some change ups in the line up from what we did. Mainly with the new venue moving to the Mansfield Convention Center, we wanted to take advantage of all the facility had to offer," says Duchemin.

Some of those changes include an expansion of the First Strike Friday Night to include 100 works of art for sale. The first strike will be open to all artist to submit their artwork. And the Saturday Night Live auction will be an invitation only for the artist to sell their work.

"Getting higher value art to be able to include in the sale. The key to that is some of these terrific Russell paintings that we saw in 2014, including the first painting we had go for a million dollars," says Duchemin.

Western Art Week this coming year will be running on March 19th and going till the 21st and should be a very fun time.

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