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Big Sky Kickoff Day One Recap

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At the Big Sky kickoff a player from each team is here as well as their coach and early this morning commissioner doug Fullerton addressed the crowd went over few rule changes and the overall state of the conference and then afterwards players were available to interview.

"yea its unbelievable I never thought I would do something like this for the whole team but its fun to come down here and represent all the guys and coaches and really Griz nation as a whole," said Jordan Johnson.

"I like it actually just to be able to talk to those other guys crewe relationships and meet other coaches," said Na'a Moeakiola.

"it's really cool it's a lot different because we are such fierce competitors on the field and people talk some trash and things like that and you know how everyone plays but seeing them off the field without their helmet on you realize you'd actually get along with them and you don't hate them and you're a cool guy," said Cal Poly LB Nick Dzubnar.

So why put on this event? Commissioner Fullerton says one of the reasons is to get fans talking about football.

"To get the media in to start talking about football to get the fas talking about football as this goes on the air people start thinking about football, gearing up buying tickets doing the things we need them to do, it;s extremely important to have this kickoff," said Big Sky Commissioner Doug Fullerton.

Fullerton also said he couldn't be happier with the state of the conference and that parody is the key.

Parody is what sells, I think you have to be good enough that your fans think you have the ability to win and that happens in every stadium we have, they know theres a chance to win and that to me is what drives the interest in what we do.

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