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Pitching Rivals Form Friendship

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During the high school season, CMR Pitcher Quinn Hartman and Capital High's Brittany Smith aim to strike one another out when the two go head-to-head.

Now as friends, they are actually aiming for each other's heads.....when they play a game that involved landing a glove on top of it.

It’s only one of many random and odd games that the two have come up with. They are two of the best pitchers in all of Class AA. This summer they joined forces on the same summer ball team and their unique personalities have allowed them to form a friendship.

"It’s interesting. Usually I just see her on the mound when we play CMR. I think of her as an opponent and not a teammate," says Capital All-Conference Pitcher Brittany Smith. "But now that we’re on the same team it’s really fun."

"I knew of Brittany Smith obviously: Big Pitcher from Capital," says CMR All-State Pitcher Quinn Hartman. "At the beginning it was like, 'oh I’ve been pitching against you forever. You’re my rival.' But our personalities just clicked right away. We became really good friends."

It was only two months ago that Quinn and Brittany were pitching against each other in a lopsided game at the state tournament. Hartman shut down the Capital bats while her teammates chased Brittany in the third inning. The Rustlers went on to win that game  12-1 en route to a 3rd place finish . But they have no problem talking about their past contests.

"Oh for sure. All the time," says Hartman. "She always gives me crap because she says that she gets hits off of me and all this. It’s fun we joke around with each other."

The Smith-Hartman duo proved to be a winning combination. This past weekend the electric city heat finished second at the ASA state tournament. It’s an experience that Brittany and Quinn will take into their senior years.

"It’s going to be difficult seeing her out on the mound again," says Hartman. "Especially because of the close bond we’ve created. But I’m excited to play against her and hopefully we both have very successful senior years"

That’s when the two will be aiming to best one another yet again. Rivals on the field…..with a lasting friendship off of it.

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