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Brewers Host Families Embracing Players in Their Home

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HELENA -  Inside the Stiffler house in East Helena, there's a hall of fame of sorts. 

"This is Brent Suter. He's a left handed pitcher. He was with us in 2012."

Jim and Sandie Stiffler are a host family for the Helena Brewers. The players become part of their family for the summer, and earn a spot on this wall. This is the their fifth season hosting players, but they've opened their home to others before that. 

"Previously we had hosted Shakespeare actors for the Montana Shakespeare Company," said Jim. "So we're kind of used to having folks come."

This year three pitchers are taking residence in the Stiffler's home. And their hospitality is something the players say they will never forget.

"They've taken us in," said Brewers pitcher Brandon Woodruff. "They don't have to host anybody but they're nice enough to host us, and they provide us with everything we need and that's about all you can ask for."

"My folks were out here and they offered for them to stay," added Brewers pitcher Josh Uhem, "and we all kind of sat out on the porch and got to know each other a little bit, which makes it a lot easier."

The players that stay eventually leave the Stiffler household. But the relationships gained prove invaluable to both Jim and Sandie. And they keep track of the players year by year.

"It's been really nice to follow these guys through rookie ball, actually we have two of them that are at the home team in Milwaukee," said Jim.

"This it Tyler Thornburg," said Sandie as she showed their pictures. "He's part of the Milwaukee organization, but on the disabled list."

He's one of many on the wall, and Sandie can tell you where each of them is now!

"This is Nick Ramirez and I believe he's in Huntsville."

"Parker Berberet and I believe he's in Brevard County."

"Clint Coulter we had him with us last year and he was the number one pick a couple years ago."

You can't understate the value of the relationship between host family and guests. And whether these guys make it to Cooperstown or not, there's a wall in Helena where they'll last forever.
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