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Helena's YMCA Summer Slam 3 on 3 Tournament a Hit

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HELENA -  In the words of the great Phil Jackson: "Basketball is an expression of life." One of those forms of expression at this year's Summer Slam was imitation. Just ask the Helena Thunder.

"We all like the Oklahoma Thunder," said the members of the Helena Thunder.

"I picked it, well we all picked it because it's probably one of our favorite teams."

Even in their favorite players jerseys, the Helena Thunder only has one regret as they climbed the bracket.

"It's kind of hard playing against our friends. Because you don't really want to beat them and you don't really want to lose to them."

"If you beat them you kind of feel bad for them, and if you lose to them you get down on yourself."

While some may look up to others to express themselves, there were plenty of others much more willing to branch out.

"We taped our stomachs and then sun burnt it into six packs," said members of team Pippen Ain't Easy."

"Thirty minute abs: you don't want to spend time at the gym all day so you burn one on."

"How much does it hurt?"

"Well right after you do it it hurts very bad. Lots of aloe vera."

"Refrigerated aloe vera."

Still, others found a less painful way to express themselves.

"Who's idea was it to do the hair?"

"Me," exclaimed a member of team Turn Down for What. 

"Why'd did you want to do the hair?" 

"I don't know, I just thought it would be cool for our team!"

"Did anybody say anything to you about it today?"

"No. No. Yes."

"What did they say?" 

"'Oh, that's cool.'"

Obviously expression is very important in basketball. So win or lose, at least everyone got to express themselves.

For final results click the link here.

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