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Sport of Pickleball Growing in Montana

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Pickleball can get a bit confusing to people not familiar with it. But there's really only one rule.

"Hitting the ball where you ain't!"

A lot of people use sports to keep in shape. And while pickleball may not look like much exercise, it's actually a great way to get rid of those extra pounds.

"I've lost nine pounds and I just feel great," said player and paddle salesman David Vonbergen."It's a great social game and I'm getting in shape."

"It's probably on par with walking," added pickleball player David Schneider. "Walking is one of the best exercises for older people. This is walking, plus moving and trying to keep track of the ball, keep track of your partner, keep track of the other people."

Unlike the gym, which can be very stressful on the body, pickleball is a low impact enough that it is perfect for athletes recovering from injury.

"A lot of people have knee surgeries and hip surgeries, and the way to get back into the game is with people, and exercise," said Vonbergen. "And it's great."

"It makes the exercise regular," said pickleball player Toni Schneider. "After you're retired it's easy to sit for two or three days and not do anything. But if you keep up with the scheduled pickleball, I mean we come out here three times per week. So that's good regular exercise that keeps the heart pumping and moving around."

And it's not just talk. I'm a little bit younger than most of the people here. So I decided to give pickleball a try myself, and I can tell you it's a pretty good workout!

So as you can see, if I can do it, it can't be that bad. Just remember the one rule. Hit it where they ain't

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