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Big Sky Conference Introduces New Rules for Football

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At the Big Sky Kickoff this week the Coordinator of Football Officials Karl Richins addressed the crowd to get the rest of the league on the same page as the referees for the upcoming year.

"No BS he just presents the new rules to you emphasizes the old rules and that was worth the whole thing in itself," said Griz Head Coach Mick Delaney.

"The main emphasis this year is sideline management and that means keeping the white area clear of all the players and coaches which is supposed to be designated for the refs. What Richins saw on tape was when the refs would be flooding the play there would be a turnover and when they turn around a player or coach is in the way and the refs get hurt.

"Now that rule that no one can be in that six foot white area while the ball is alive has been around forever, but we as officials haven't been enforcing it. It's to the point now where we have decided nationwide that we want to start enforcing that rule," said Big Sky Coordinator of Officials Karl Richins.

"It will be very interesting the sideline control issue because I think there's a violation on every play and if we call it on every play I think the game will get bogged down," said Bobcats Head Coach Rob Ash.

Teams will first be given a warning with no penalty, on the second a third offense a five yard penalty will be assessed with a fifteen yard penalty thereafter.

"I think it's probably time to happen I think we need to give the officials room to work and it's very important that we don't let coaches publicly berate the officials which has gotten out of hand," said Ash.

The other big topic Richins discussed was instant replay and the hope that the Big Sky will have it by the 2015 season.

"One hundred percent for it, I'm sure each coach in this room can look at a play from last year that could have changed the game for them if they would've had replay and I'm sure the officials would say the same thing too," said Cal Poly Head Coach Tim Walsh.

"I think it's one of the most important aspects of FCS football catching up with FBS football in making sure the winner of the game is the winner of the game and it's not something that could have been decided by instant replay," said Delaney.

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