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Montana Parks Taking Advantage of Archery's New Found Popularity

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HELENA -  It's amazing how much TV and movies influence people's interests. Movies such as the "Hunger Games" and Disney's "Brave" have caused young women to put down their Barbies and pick up their bows.

"I was interested in archery when I first saw 'Brave,'" said 12 year old Hannah Weedman. "It's a Disney-Pixar movie. I got really interested in it so I wanted to try it out."

"We're going hunting but I've never shot a bow before," added 12 year old Leighanne Massengale, "and I just like the movie 'Hunger Games.'"

"The Archery Trade Association has come out and said this has created a spike in females wanting to get into archery and learn how to shoot and those sort of things," said Montana Wildlife, Fish, and Parks education specialist Kurt Cunningham.

While movies like the Hunger Games may be bringing kids out, instructors as well as the kids themselves are quick to point out there's more than one reason to take up archery.

"They can actually take it and do competition," said Cunningham. "4-H has competition, our program has competition in the spring, but they can also develop into bow hunting!"

"So what would you say is the most fun part of this for somebody who isn't doing this?"

"Being able to watch people miss the targets," laughed 11 year old Jacqueline Massengale.

But don't take her word for it, I put my camera down and picked up a bow and as you can see I missed quite a few, but even a novice like me can hit a few on the target. To find out when Montana Wild is holding classes, just go to their website at

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