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Great Falls Chargers, Helena Senators Prepare for State

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 Great Falls Chargers Preview

The Great Falls Chargers regular season schedule is over. It's now on to the state tournament in Lethbridge where the Chargers are confident that they can win a state championship.

"Our goal is to straight up try and win the state championship. It's the goal since the beginning. It's been title roller coaster here and there but i think we have the team to actually win," said PJ Cook, Chargers Manager.

"We're confident that we're a good baseball team and we know that if we play well that we're as good as anybody in the state. We just have to put it together and if we play as a team we'll be just fine to go out there and get a state championship," said Jayse Mclean, Chargers OF.

Offensively, the Chargers can play with anyone. but if they want to win a state championship, it's their defense and pitching that will have to show up.

"We got to pitch a little better and we have to play defense better. That's the bottom line. Our defense I think of our 6-7 conference losses right now probably 4 have been because of our defense. We can swing it - we have all year but we got to play defense," said Cook.

"Our hitting is generally always there and feel we can hit any pitcher in the state. It's just a matter if we can make the plays on the other side of the ball and our pitcher's throw strikes. That's kind of been our weakness when we lose games but if we can sure that up I think we'll do just fine," said Mclean.

Offense, defense, and pitching aside though, Coach Cook just hopes his team competes as hard as they can.

"As long as we go out and play hard for 9 innings every day, I'll be happy. I mean if we get beat and we play hard and we hustle on and off and we play well, I'll be okay with that but if we go out there and nonchalant everything we're going to be home real early," said Cook.
An early exit would be a loooong drive home for the Chargers but they're hoping to enjoy their drive home and make sure they're riding with a state championship.

Helena Senators Preview

It's a unified message as the Senators head to state: take it one pitch, at a time.

"We're a pretty scrappy team," said senior infielder Colin Volesky. "We're not the biggest team, we're not the strongest team, we're not the fastest team. And we just need to do whatever we can to win the ball game."

"We're gradually trying to get better at each play and each team," said pitcher Riley Pickens. "Trying to have errorless games and having good hitting."

It's easy to underestimate a team that went 29-27 in the regular season. It's also easy to forget this team has nine seniors, and plenty of experience.

"It does make a huge difference, especially with them being there before," said Pickens. "The mentality is just 'We're doing it!' Rather than 'Oh, you know we might get a chance.'"

"It's really a leadership thing," said Volesky. "We need a lot of seniors who are going to step up and do their job at their position and do the job that needs to be done at the plate.

"We expect our seniors to be the guys that kind of lead the charge," said Senators head coach Dave Thennis. "That experience is what has really held us together. Those guys have been down this road before."

They'll need to rely on that leadership in their first game when they play the Billings Royals, a team that they couldn't manage a single win against in five tries during the season.

"We need to have good pitching, down low in the zone to keep it on defense" said Pickens. "And we need to get our hitting going again and again. We have got to get people going, just not a random hit here and there."

"Make the game smaller and break it into little pieces," added Thennis. "Take it an at bat at a time, a pitch at a time, and really don't look at the big picture but separate things."

The experience and the blueprint are there. Now they've just got to take it one pitch at a time

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