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Selling Local at the State Fair

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GREAT FALLS -  The state fair has tons of visiting vendors selling items, but hidden among the big name stands are local from right here in Great Falls who are enjoying the fair from behind a table and at the same time showing community pride.

"It's important to show support for all that is locally owned and locally operated and that's what I do I come here and show support for our community," says Hughes.

Cyndi Hughes is one local artist who has been making and selling her own jewelry at the state fair for 6 years now, tucked in to the fine arts building she not only sells recreated art pieces but also has a fun activity.

"Oh sure you know you got the fine arts here and I'm the visiting artist here at the fair and a lot of people have to come and watch and look at what you are doing. Or they can create their own little necklace or bracelet if they want to," says Hughes.

She explains that the fair is particularly a major draw for artist and locals due to the large amount of tourist the state fair brings in, these tourist then expand our businesses.

"Exciting to see people from other communities and other states, You know I had people ask me if i would be willing to bring to their state and you know and we made a contact and you make contacts constantly with people from around the united states and yeah it does help to get your ideas out there and have them be aware that you are a unique product in the community and then possibly can be in their community," explains Hughes.