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Montana Coaching Legend Charlie Robinson's Memorial Touches Many

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"We weren't always the most talented, but I tell you what. We always we believed all the time in Charlie."

There aren't enough words to describe the lives Charlie Robinson touched during his life and career as a coach, I'd just have to show you.

"All the players that played for him can you please stand up?" asked former player Zachary Halter. "Just for one moment?"

In a crowd full of those that loved him, Charlie Robinson will go down in history as one of the greatest coaches in Montana history. But it's his impact on the people around him that made him a success.

"He always had a smile for you," remembers Big Sandy coach and longtime rival of Charlie Roy Lackner. "Always ready to shake your hand. Had a joke. He was just a great person."

"We all enjoyed playing for him," added former player Jake Stuart. "He's a fun coach to play with, he's a fun guy to be around. He always joked with us and kept it light all the time."

"The man, to put it lightly, had large, large wings," said Halter. "Every one of his players was underneath that wing."

Outside of basketball, the real love of Charlie's life was his wife, Kay. And as her health declined, Charlie proved that more and more.

"I watched him bring his wife to games, take his wife out of games," said Lackner. "When she wasn't walking very well anymore he took care of her."

"He taught us how to be a great, great family man by informing us about his wife, and his kids, and through a lot of things in their lives," added Halter. "They knew that we knew just about as much about them as we did about them."

And finally, as it was time for Charlie to leave the gym one last time, he was ushered out by his former players of the Chinook Ladies Basketball team he coached during the 2014 season.

Charlie will be remembered as a great coach by the record books. But he'll be remembered as a great man by those who remembered to believe in him always.

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