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The New Voice of the Brewers Dustin Daniel Excited for Opportunity

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HELENA - "Matos drives this one into right center field. That's going to fall in, and it'll be extra bases."

If you've listened to the Helena Brewers radio this season, you may have noticed some changes.

"Munoz scores, Diaz scores, Matos heads for second."

In his first year of being the voice of the Brewers, Dustin Daniel never thought he'd be in this seat so early.

"I was originally slated to come up here and be a media relations intern," said Daniel. "Write recaps and take care of the social media. Right after I had been offered the position, that they didn't have a radio broadcaster yet. So I asked if I could throw my name in the hat."

From intern to announcer, Dustin knows that the legacy Steve Wendt left behind leaves some big shoes to fill.

"Definitely one of the things that intimidated me about the job was that Steve was here a long time," said Daniel. "I looked up and down a few forums for Brewers and they talked about him a lot. But I just want to make sure the quality is still there, and I'm trying my best to get better everyday."

"Here comes Newhouse, he will come in."

The close knit community of Helena is also something that suits Dustin. Coming from Keizer, Oregon, he has a real appreciation for how tight this community is.

"Being in a small town like this I think is the perfect set up for me. I grew up in a town of 150,000 people or so, but the size of Helena, this is my speed," said Daniel. "I've wanted to come to Montana for a long time. And so I don't want to be cheesy or anything but this is about as ideal of a situation as I could be in."

"And that will be a bases clearing double."

It may have happened faster than he expected, but the Brewers new radio man seems to fit in just fine in the Queen city.