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Carroll Inaugural Men's Soccer Season Officially Kicks Off

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HELENA - And just like that, the Carroll Men's Soccer season has officially started.

"It's an honor to be on the first team at the first practice," said goalie Jared Thielke. "I don't know I think everyone has a little nerves."

"That's one of the main reasons that I came here," said Isaac Bostrom. "I want to be a part of the legendary team that started it off."

At precisely 9:03 this morning, the Saints kicked off their first practice of the season. Today's goal: build chemistry.

"I'm just trying to learn the players, me and everyone," said Nate Miller. "Trying to get a feel for the elevation here and everything new."

"No perfections here," said Bostrom. " Just getting to know each other. Half these kids I just met yesterday, and talked with them for the first time. Now we're out kicking it around."

"Let's settle in, let's make sure that our speed of play is good," said head coach Doug Mello. "Let's try not to give the ball to the other team a lot. Let's make sure that we're moving and setting ourselves up in good angles, and that we're supporting each other."

Keep in mind, this is Doug Mello's third team he's starting up from scratch. And that kind of experience, along with the kind of talent they brought in during the summer is leading to some pretty high expectations for the Saints.

"We're definitely looking at being a competitive team," said Mello. "You're going to always see us give our all on the pitch. Can we be above .500 for a first year program? We expect to be."

"We should be as humble as possible," said Thielke. "One for the school letting us play here, and starting a men's program. And two, because we don't have a record of anything. Like everyone should think they're going to destroy us, but we've got to come out and show them what we're made of."

They won't have to wait long to show what they're made of. The Saints first home match is in eight days when they host Sheridan Community College.
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