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"Stuff the Bus" Helping Students in Need

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The 5th annual Stuff the Bus drive held two locations this year to collect the basic necessities for kids in Great Falls to be successful.

"We know that kids, that for example are just struggling with being able to afford things, if their family's stressed out about money their not going to be focusing on school and what they need to be learning," said Kim Skornogoski of the United Way of Cascade County.

Last year stuff the bus collected more than 7,000 school supplies for kids in the community. This year they're hoping to stuff not one, but two school obsession.

said with today's evolving classroom kids need more than just the basic supplies, such as ear buds and flash drives. And student's don't just need supplies they use in the classroom.

"If you think about it a kid that has a tooth ache because they're not brushing their teeth they're not going to be focused on their studies they're going to be thinking about how much their tooth hurts," Skornogoski said.

Putting on an event like this is no easy task, Skornogoski said there are about 60 volunteers that make this event so successful. And it's not about the recognition, it's about supporting the Great Falls community.

If you weren't able to donate during Stuff the Bus you can still contact the United Way of Cascade County to find out how you can help.