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Bobcats Represent Injured Dash on Field

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Take a look at the Montana State Bobcat's football roster.

You'll see the number seven belongs to receiver David Dash.

But last week Dash suffered a knee injury that will end his senior season and ultimately the rest of his career.

While Dash remains sidelined, his number seven is still at work on the football field.

"I think that speaks loudly to the comradery of this team,” said senior cornerback, Deonte Flowers. “No matter what side of the ball we're on we're competing everyday, but at the end of the day, we're brothers."

Senior safety Eryon Barnett has been wearing the number seven practice jersey since his good friend went down with the injury.

"I just wear it because every time I go out there, you don't ever know when your last play is going to be,” said Barnett. “I have that mindset of always going 110 percent."

Barnett says he wears Dash's jersey for more reasons than just honoring a good friend.

He says it's a way to show team unity, and how the team is a family.

"I kind of did it for him and for myself,” said Barnett. “I think that the other teammates are starting to take to it and stuff like that. They like seeing me wear it and seeing just the meaning of it, and understanding of what it means."

Barnett says he'll wear dash's number seven in practice for the rest of the year.

Right now Barnett will wear number 22 on game days, but he says there's even a chance he may switch to number seven all together.

"That describes our team right there,” said Flowers. “We're always reaching out to the guy. We break on brothers; we break on family and that. That's evidence to that."

"Even when I'm feeling tired and it's late in the day and what not, I just know that he would rather be tired and with us than not be out there with us," Barnett said.

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