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Voyagers Historian is Centene's Best Kept Secret

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Jim Eakland knows and loves the game of baseball. If you can't see it on his face or while he's at Voyager games, you can see it in the hall of fame room at Centene Stadium.

"When they built this thing I asked if there was any chance if there was a room or something that I could put my stuff in because I had my spare bedroom downstairs in my house full of boxes of the stuff that you see here. They said well we got this room upstairs that we don't plan to use and I said I'll take it (laughs)," said Eakland.

Eakland took it and ran with it. What he does may be volunteer work but what he's done has caught people's attention.

"Baseball Digest came in here in 2012. I got the printout that they prepared and this little room rated 4th in the nation as far as a historical room. We even beat out the Yankees but of course the Yankees may have a dozen people working for them with a million dollar budget. This was pretty much done by myself and with my late wife on my money," said Eakland.

Eakland's been gathering baseball memorabilia since the 1980s but what he collected in 2005 is the jewel of the entire room.

"The most valuable one of course is the Chicago White Sox, 2005, World Series ring," said Eakland

There are many diamonds in that World Series ring but it's the history made on the baseball diamond and being able to gather it that makes Eakland happiest.

"Just something I enjoy doing, that's all. Some people like to race cars, some people like to jump out of airplanes, I like to do this," said Eakland.

Eakland's passion and knowledge of the game of the game of baseball is vast. In fact, so vast that it could fill the space in an entire room. 

Well, actually, not could - it has.

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