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Helena City Commission to Install Restrooms at Mount Helena

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Tonight the Helena City Commission will have the opportunity to accept a grant from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks to help install a permanent restroom facility at the Mount Helena trail head.

If you hike Mount Helena, you may have to deal with some mosquitoes, keeping hydrated and maybe a few sore muscles, but come September....hikers will no longer have to deal with temporary rest rooms.

"We just have a number I visitors and actually local people that use that facility on a regular basis, and I think the fact that we improved the parking lot, due to demand, the restrooms are next," City Manager Ron Alles said. "We have temporary facilities up there now and I think it just makes sense to put in a permanent facility."

The total cost of the project is about $41,000. The city will to use $16,000 from the capital improvement fund and the $25,000 grant from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will cover the remaining costs.

Alles said, "We want to make sure it's a high need for the city of Helena. This particular grant, or grant request is a reflection of that. I just thank the state of Montana, and Fish, Wildlife and Parks for recognizing that as a true need for the city."

It's an improvement hikers are thankful for as well.

"I think it's a wonderful idea and I come here often for exercise and gets some fresh air...and I think we need that and it is getting very popular and it's wonderful," Helena resident Arnold Lyon said.

The public will still have access to the parking lot and trails at Mount Helena Park. Upon the Commission's acceptance of the grant tonight, the project is expected to be complete in September.