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OPINA'S OPINION - KFBB Talks Fantasy Prep Football Draft

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Hey Guys!

My twitter notifications blew up over the weekend. People were favoriting and retweeting the random chat that we had on Twitter.

The KFBB Sports team held a twitter conversation about who they would draft if we had a Montana High School Fantasy Football League, something similar to my Legion Baseball/Prep Softball Fantasy Blog.

The conversation was started by (Weekend Sports Anchor) Blake Arthur and included (Sports Director) Ben Kaplan, (Helena Sports Reporter) Jake Jones, (News/Sports Reporter) Dan Cordtz and Your Truly.

Cameos were made by by Mark Robertson (Great Falls Tribune) and A.J. Mazzolini (The Missoulian)

I thought I would just lay out the timeline of the conversation in one easy blog so people wouldn't have to creep on our twitter accounts. The tweets are copied and pasted directly from twitter.


(P.S. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter: @DerekOpinaKFBB)

Blake Arthur: HS Fantasy Football draft? Who's in? I'm taking Andrew Grinde 1st overall ?#toter ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86

Dan Cordtz: ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB I'll take Jaydin Wilson from Sentinel at 2

Dan Cordtz: @BlakeArthurKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?#FeedTheBeast!

Blake Arthur: @dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB I'm willing to bet my entire salary that Opina takes a Helena kid ?#HTown

Jake Jones: @BlakeArthurKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 I'll keep it Helena and go Chase South number three. Catches, runs, & passes.

Blake Arthur: @JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 Cheeky pick by Jones. I like South's upside. Strong player for the Bengals.

Mark Robertson: @BlakeArthurKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 Y'all take whoever you want. Holden Ryan from Billings Central.

Blake Arthur: @GFTrib_MRob ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 Robertson coming in hot! Get you some young fella!

Derek Opina: @BlakeArthurKFBB ?@GFTrib_MRob ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@dancordtz86 I got Matthew Wyman. The fella gon catch dem TDs all day long.

Blake Arthur: @DerekOpinaKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@dancordtz86 Uh Derek, he doesn't play football. Just basketball. 2 Dan's don't make a right!!

Dan Cordtz: @BlakeArthurKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB But 3 lefts do

AJ Mazzolini: @dancordtz86 ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@GFTrib_MRob Wish this was keeper league Id be stickin w/ Dallas ?@D_swizz__ Cook

Derek Opina: ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB hahaha I just took a GFH kid before I saw that tweet. (Referring to Blake's tweet about betting his salary on me picking a Helena kid) You owe me $$$$ son

Dan Cordtz: @ajmazzolini ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@GFTrib_MRob ?@D_swizz__ Franchise Tag him!

Jake Jones: @BlakeArthurKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@dancordtz86 got my sleeper ready. Henry Garret, TE, HH. 6-8 and soft hands.

Blake Arthur:? @DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB Derek, you drafted a guy who doesn't even play footbal aka not in the league

Ben Kaplan: @JakeJonesKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?#JillBarta. Nuff said

Blake Arthur: @BenKaplanKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 Why does everyone keep drafting basketball players? It's football season fellas

Ben Kaplan: ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 Highwoods Logan Ferda ?#StateChamp

Dan Cordtz: @BenKaplanKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB FROM THE WOOD Blake!

Dan Cordtz: @BenKaplanKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB Glacier Wolfpack Defense, Blake hasn't taken anyone from Belt yet?

Blake Arthur: @BenKaplanKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 Gimme ?@ErikPschernig aka "Sunshine from Simms. Guys got great flow & speed.

Blake Arthur: @dancordtz86 ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB I got ?@jeffgraham30 to run my squad, don't you fellas worry ?#HuskiesAreHungry

Jake Jones: @BlakeArthurKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 Ill go with Gus Chancy next. Guy has weapons on weapons

Derek Opina: @JakeJonesKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@dancordtz86 I got Isaiah Cech from Helena High. ?#D-Fence

Jake Jones: ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@dancordtz86 you can't pick an individual defender haha we'd be here all night

Blake Arthur:  @DerekOpinaKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@dancordtz86 Opina, I remember my first draft but you don't draft individual defensive players

Jake Jones: ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@dancordtz86 it wasn't well shown, but he didn't have his teeth in earlier. Was impressive

Dan Cordtz: @JakeJonesKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB I remember when I had my 1st beer

Derek Opina: @JakeJonesKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@dancordtz86 this sucks. All the good players I knew of graduated ?#startingover

Derek Opina: @dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB Cordtz you were probably straight out the womb when you had your first Hef

Blake Arthur: @DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB Opina get that laptop fired up to help you draft your squad man

Derek Opina: ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB I'm going to let ?@jeffgraham30 pick my next draftee. I want Belt's best player.

Blake Arthur: @DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB he's my squads head coach he's not gonna help you draft a player for your team

Derek Opina: ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB I'mma bring Jack Johnson out of retirement to run my team ?#PayMeNowSon

Blake Arthur: @DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB taking my lines, trying to take my players, but you can't take my pride peanut!!

Derek Opina: ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB You can't take my Jack Johnson Pride Field homie!!!

Blake Arthur: ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB it's jacks field haha nobody can take it (Obviously he missed my joke)

Dan Cordtz: ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB I will stay in the Electric City and take QB Reid Nelson, GFCC

Blake Arthur: ?@dancordtz86 ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@Reidiculous_5 is a solid pick. They chuck it like 50 time a game

Blake Arthur: @dancordtz86 ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@JakeJonesKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB Gimme ?@DJDonnyFresh11 from GFCC.Apparently he's got a strong core the ladies like

Jake Jones: @BlakeArthurKFBB ?@dancordtz86 ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DJDonnyFresh11 alright this is where I dip out hahaha not into that

Dan Cordtz: @JakeJonesKFBB ?@BlakeArthurKFBB ?@DerekOpinaKFBB ?@BenKaplanKFBB ?@DJDonnyFresh11 Thanks Blake for the spontaneous combustion of several accts

If you got lost in all that ridiculousness….for the record, here's who we all drafted:

-Andrew Grinde (CMR)
-Erik Pschernig (Simms)
-Nolan Donisthorpe (GFCC)
-Coach Jeff Graham (Belt)

-MatTHEw WyMAN (Great Falls)
- Isaiah Cech (Helena)
-Coach Jack Johnson (CMR)
-Bryer “Brr” Hill (Power) (Free Agent Pick-Up)

-Chase “Birdman” Rossmiller (PDB) (Free Agent Pick-Up)

-Jaydin Wilson (Sentinel)
- Reid Nelson (Great Falls Central)

-Chase South (Helena)
-Henry Garret (Helena)
-Gus Chancy (Helena)

-Jill Barta (Fairfield)
-Logan Ferda (Highwood)

Mark Robertson:
-Holden Ryan (Billings Central)

AJ Mazzolini:
-Dallas Cook (Butte)

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