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SLIDESHOW: The NFL's Most Valuable Teams

Forbes Magazine ranked the value of each NFL team in 2014 Forbes Magazine ranked the value of each NFL team in 2014 - The business of the NFL is booming like it never has before. It's a money machine that just keeps on generating profit or owners and players. The National Football League is the most valuable sports league in the world. 

This week Forbes magazine came out with the worth of each of the 32 teams. 

Being an Eagles fan, much to my dismay, the Dallas Cowboys topped the list. Forbes estimates their value at $3.2 billion after generating $560 million in revenue in 2013. My beloved Eagles came in at #7, valued at $1.75 billion after bringing $330 million in 2013. In fact, it's safe to say the NFC East is the most valuable division in football, with all four teams ranking in the top 7. Yes, even the Redskins, who came in at #3! 

For you Seahawk fans, you might be surprised to find out where the reigning Super Bowl Champions rank. 

To my surprise, the St. Louis Rams are considered the least valuable team in the NFL, worth only a measly $930 million. 

When you do the math, the average NFL team is worth $1.43 billion. Not too bad. Find out where your team ranks by running through the slideshow. 

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