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How Can The Safety of Our Students Be Better Insured.

California Quake Leave Nearly 1 Billion In Damage, Are Our School Infrastructures Tough Enough?

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 Earthquakes in Helena and its surrounding region does not come as a surprise, but it certainly is a topic of concern when we talk about infrastructure.  In March of 2012 Central Middle School was deemed unsafe, and the current debate is whether or not to demolish the historic site.

The building holds sentimental memories some argue, but it is a space that is unfit for students and could be better utilized.  The recent events of California's quake brings us back home, in Helena to remember that there's always a chance for a repeat of 1935.  “We are looking out for the safety of the students” says Helena School Board Chair, Libby Goldes.   There's currently real way to predict when a quake will take place, but there are ways to keep track of them. 

The U.S geological service has a monitoring station in Carroll College, the school was built on bed rock making for the best detection of seismic movement.  
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