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Prukop Ready to Lead Cats

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On Saturday when Montana State takes the field in Jonesboro, Arkansas fans will not see DeNarius McGhee.

Instead it will be sophomore Dakota Prukop taking the field.

"I haven't really thought about it to the point where I've built up a bunch of nerves,” said Prukop. “It's going to be cool. I know my dad and my family is going to be there so it's an away crowd, but my family is going to be there."

Although he won't be playing, McGhee still has an influence on the cats.

On Saturday, Prukop will take a lot of what he learned from denarius and put it into action.

"The biggest thing I'd say I learned from Denarius is to stay black and white with yourself,” Prukop said. “That's something he always used to say. As in not to be in the gray area, or point fingers, or be like "This or that". If you make a bad pass, it's because you made a bad pass."

Prukop starts Saturday's game after winning a grueling competition with Jake Bleskin and Quinn Mcqueary.

"Our expectations are the sky's the limit,” Tim Cramsey, the offensive coordinator said. “We expect him to play a near perfect game as we would do with any other quarterback that we have on the field."

"I just tell him to have no regrets, have no doubts, go out there and leave it on the field, be confident, play loose, don't worry about anything else,” said senior linebacker Na'a Moeakiola. “Don't worry about the crowd, about pleasing anybody else. Just play his game and he'll be all right."

"I think Dakota will play fine. He's a competitor,” said Head Coach Rob Ash. “This is something he wanted desperately to be, is the starting quarterback. He's a great athlete and he'll thrive in the moment. I'm sure he won't play perfect, but he'll play pretty well."

Starting your college career against an FBS opponent that's coming off a bowl victory does not sound easy, but Prukop says he feels no pressure.

"I know I can count on those 10 other guys to do their jobs to the best of there abilities,” Prukop said. “So I have to take it upon myself to do my job."

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