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CMR Volleyball Excited for New Coach

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Theresa Besich has a brand new home at CMR. Between playing and coaching, volleyball has taken Besich all over the state and to Europe. After spending the last couple years as an assistant at UGF, she's ready for this next chapter in her career.

"I feel like I try to take every experience I've had. I've had great coaches." says CMR Head Coach Theresa Besich. "Then coaching with Arunas last year and the year before that I've had nothing but help from him and great ideas that I can go off of. So I think that helps me in this position…I feel like I've had great opportunities in my past with coaches I've had and coaches I've coached with."

But the task of turning around the volleyball team won't be easy. The Rustlers only won three matches last year and they haven't made the state tournament since 2009. Besich is the fourth head coach in the last four years but her players are already picking up on her experience and enthusiasm.

"Coach Besich really knows what she's talking about," says CMR Senior Karlee Simonson. "We all trust her and every day we come in willing to work hard."

"I like her a lot," says CMR Senior Adrianna Hennessey. "She's a really good coach. She knows what she's talking about. She always pushes us to do harder. She's a good coach."

Still, Besich has some adjusting to do in her new role. She's relying on her seniors to help her get integrated.

"She's put a lot of pressure on us," says CMR Senior Kendra Underwood. "We've been working to get out poster ready, and we've been figuring out a lot of stuff with our team and other teams."

"She asked all of us seniors to step up and bring it and be leaders," says CMR Senior McCall Enott. "Because each year it hasn't changed and this year it's going to.

The Rustlers hope for a lot of changes under the leadership of their first year head coach, who plans on making CMR her home as long as they'll have her.

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