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Children And Firearms Stir Debate After Accidental Death

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 One families vacation went horribly wrong after a mom recorded her 9 year old daughter accidentally shooting and eventually killing a gun range instructor in Arizona. The instructor was teaching her how to use a Uzi Sub machine gun that was apparently too much for her to handle. The video released by police has gone viral leaving some to question what parent would allow a sub machine gun in the hands their child.

“I think it all just depends you have to be smart about it and they should've been able to know at a shooting range that f the gun was too big to see that because every gun has a huge recoil depending on what it is so you just have to be smart and fire it yourself and then maybe make the decision for the child. Amanda Lamar said.

However according to state statue the law does allow children to use a firearm under the age of 14.

“If they have a licensed fire arm instructor or a parent or guardian with them they can legally have their children at a range or a shooting situation as far as being closely supervised with any fire arm. Captain Hitchcock said.

So far This year, at least 45 children have been killed in accidental shootings after they found loaded guns at home, according to research conducted by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

James Mitchell, the owner of Mitchell supply is a part of a program that aims to teach children the foundations of gun safety.

“They began shooting at 9 years old we start with air riffle, BB gun and single shot 22 riffles and they learn just basic gun safeties how to handle a weapon in a safe manner marksmanship and hand coordination.