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Senior Standout: Capital's Rayna Pilgeram

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You have may have heard of her. You've probably heard of her dad. But you may have actually never heard Rayna Pilgeram.

"She's quiet," said Bruins senior McKenzie Johnston. "But when you're alone with her she's not as quiet."

"I just need to get to know people," said Bruins senior Rayna Pilgeram. "It's easier once I get to know them to speak out and let them know who I am."

Coming back as the lone All State player for the Capital Bruins volleyball team, Rayna's biggest challenge on the court is just learning to speak up!

"Rayna didn't have to be a vocal leader last year," said Bruins head coach Hollee Goody. "She led by example of course, but she didn't have to be a vocal leader. But this year I've asked her to do that."

"She can be really quiet, but I think we've played with her long enough that we can kind of play off of her emotions and we can read off facial expressions," said Bruins senior Amanda Bartsch. "She has gotten a lot better, and been more vocal."

"Being a setter you need to communicate with everyone," said Rayna. "And I'm working with my hitters just to tell them that they need to communicate with me and I need to know what sets they need."

If she has any trouble being vocal, she has a pretty good role model. Rayna's father is Bill Pilgeram, head coach of the Lady Bruins basketball team, and she's learned a lot from dad.

"I've learned that you just need to help everyone improve and try to help people succeed and do their best," said Rayna. "I like to know that they can trust me, and it's easier to play when you can trust everyone on your team."

Whether it's on the court, or in the classroom, Rayna Pilgeram may not be the loudest, but she still finds a way to stand out.

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