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Senior Standout: Enott Twins, Easton and McCall

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Easton plays golf. McCall plays volleyball and softball. Easton's her brother. McCall is his sister. And they're both twins who love competition.

"We've been competitive since we were little kids, just anything," said Easton Enott.

"It's always with a bigger brother you want to beat him so I used to play flag football with him and we used to be a team out there. I was his center and he was my quarterback and no matter what we're doing it's always competitive, said McCall Enott.

That competitive nature going up has helped them become successful athletes now.

"It had been a while since a boy has won the Great Falls Invite. He really played some intense competition and for him to play well and win was exciting and really a big day for him," said head golf coach Brian Halverson.

"She's been a hard worker, definitely. She'll come in and work as hard as I ask her to," said CMR head volleyball coach, Theresa Besich.

"It's great being able to play with her. She's a really good player and puts a lot of effort into the sport," said Adrianna Hennessey.

The twins are both standout athletes, but the biggest thing they have in common is a special bond with each other.

"We have a great connection and he's always there for me no matter what whether be boys or sports. We're very supportive of each other and it's just awesome having a brother and i couldn't ask for a better brother," said McCall.

"It's fun watching her excel in her sports and her grades - she's really good with her grades," said Easton.

Easton and McCall are still undecided on their college plans but are open to going somewhere together.

"We've talked about going to Arizona State University together. She would go for school and I would hopefully walk on to the golf team and probably get an apartment or house together. It would be awesome," said Easton.

"I'd love to go somewhere with him. It's awesome having someone there and knowing he's there but eventually we have to go our now separate ways, but I know we'll stay in touch whether I'm in Helena and he's in Florida or we're both at ASU," said McCall.

Wherever they end up, Easton and McCall are inseparable; not just by birth, but by their bond as brother and sister who will always be teammates.

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