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Saints Ready to Rebound From Opening Loss Hosting Rival Tech

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At 0-1 it's a situation the Saints haven't been in since Mike Van Diest has been head coach. And his team knows they some ground to make up.

"It's playoff time," said senior running back Dustin Rinker. "With one loss now it's do or die every single game here on out for us. At least that's the way we're looking at it."

Following last week's loss to Southern Oregon when the Saints gave up 280 yards on the ground, The biggest improvements against Tech will need to come on the defensive side of the ball.

"We got to stop the running game," said Saints head coach Mike Van Diest. "Those two running backs are good. The offensive line is big, they're coming together."

"It's just a normal game plan," said Saints junior defensive back Adam DeBruycker. "Run the ball, and have to stop the run, try to make them one dimensional. Other than that just try and stop their play makers."

So the focus will be on the running game, but another play maker the Saints will be on the look-out for is Tech Junior Wide-out Alec Bray, who's already proven this season he can make some spectacular grabs.

"We'll play some man on him, we'll play some lock coverage on him, but we'll have safety help over the top a lot of times," said Van Diest. "he's a very special player. I know the quarterback has a lot of confidence in him and I'm sure he's going to be their favorite target on Saturday."

"They've got good play makers out there and he made a great catch," said DeBruycker. "But we have faith in our corners that they'll do their job just like they have faith in us that we'll do our jobs."

Offensively it's nothing new for the Saints. Coach Van Diest feels that the key to his team's success is, as always, on running back Dustin Rinker's shoulders.

"Tech has always been very physical against the run," said Van Diest. "I think they've played us very well to the vest. They have the same defensive scheme they've had under coach Morrell they've had the last three years. So we're going to see a lot of the same stuff. But we've got to be able to throw the football and protect the quarterback also if we're going to be successful."

It's going to be a playoff environment on out for Carroll. Game time is slated for 1 pm at Nelson Stadium.

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