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Senior Standout: Townsend's Kenny Wilbur

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Running away from the competition. For Townsend's Kenny Wilbur, it's a way of life.

"Getting out there in the open field just going out and seeing me pass a few people makes me want to go out and keep doing it," said Wilbur.

Wilbur passes plenty of people by as the school's number one receiver for the Bulldog's football team. But he also puts his speed to use in track. Where just last spring he broke the school's 800 meter record.

"One time he ran a lap around a track on his 800 ridiculously fast," said Bulldogs lineman and Kenny's brother Evander Wilbur. "The coaches asked 'Evander why'd he run so fast?' And I said 'Because he can!'"

"Not only is he going to run fast and things like that, but you know when he goes out there he's going to be there to compete," said Bulldogs head coach Travis Rauh. "You're going to get the best effort out of him."

Kenny is all about giving his best effort on and off the field. And he's learned to share that trait with the kids around him.

"He's what you'd call the strong silent type I guess," said Evander. "He doesn't talk much, but he doesn't need to. People see what he's doing because he's doing what needs to be done and they follow him. He's a natural born leader."

"He's a quiet leader, but he's more of a motivator than just a big leader," said Bulldogs junior quarterback Jace Lewis.

Kenny's ability to motivate others makes him a leader. But his motivation comes from a lost teammate, Dakota Kimbrough, who passed away last year.

"Dakota passed away about a year ago now," said Wilbur. "Some of the stuff he said, he'd come into practice all cheery and say 'Getting better or getting worse everyday.' I'll never forget that."

As his high school career is coming to a close, Kenny is still striving for greatness after graduation. He hopes to receive a scholarship in either football, track, or basketball so he can continue to run away from the competition.

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