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Belt Loses Football Game on the Field to GFCC, Win Big Off the Field in Life

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In life and in football, you're going to win some games and you're going to lose some too. The Belt Huskies lost their football game today but in life they got a huge win. And head coach Jeff Graham couldn't be more proud of his team.

"I'm so proud of you guys that was just awesome. I love you guys more than anything," said Graham.

"They battled until the end. We had the ball about 5:00 to go down 16 and we had a chance to cut it to a score and that just shows what these kids are like. I mean they've had a tough week. they haven't got much practice or work but they're just super kids. the community that has raised them is just awesome," said Graham.

Through all of this, the community has been strong and that was no different today as $3624 dollars were raised for Robert Back and his family.

"I've been fortunate enough to be here my whole life and there's no better people in the world than the people in this area. And like Robert's dad said, it's good to see so many good people. It's just cool. That's what Montana's about," said Graham.

"Whenever there is a crisis, the entire community comes together and it's just really good to be apart of a community that you know is going to step up," said Kathleen Prody, Belt Superintendent of schools.

The Belt community has had Robert on their minds all week but others in the community are also thinking and praying about Robert, even opposing players.

"The Northern C is something special for sure. We're definitely a family and the community of Belt is hurting and so are we. We're all praying for them all the time and it's nice to come together after hitting a guy in the mouth for 4 quarters and say you know what we're here with you too," said GFCC senior QB, Reid Nelson.

At the end of the day, football games are won or their lost. But football is just a game. At the end of today, Robert, his family, Belt, and the entire community all got a win in life.

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