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Helicopter Safety Guidelines

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Daniel Gliko owner of Gliko Aviation says it wasn't just experience that kept him safe in the air it but by staying compliant with guidelines provided by the Federal Aviation Administration such as routine maintenance and training.

"I've been flying all my life both airplanes and helicopters I have close to 30,000 hours and over 48 years in the business I was lucky enough never to have an accident." Gliko said.

On Sunday 62-year-old John Joseph Maleszewski was killed after his single occupant helicopter crashed in Dearborn. Details have not yet been released as to what may have caused this crash however the FAA did release a statement listing the guidelines pertaining to the ultralight helicopter that crashed.

It is still unclear as to whether or not the pilot had been compliant with FAA guidelines or how much experience the pilot had flying single occupant helicopters.

When flying over rugged terrain such as mountains Gliko says size plays an important factor.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board there have been 14 small helicopter crashes across the state of Montana since 2008. Two of the incidents resulted in fatalities and 3 of those incidents pilots suffered serious injuries.
Gliko was saddened by the loss although he didn't know Maleszeswki personally. When it comes to safety Gliko has one piece of advice for pilots.

"Don't get into a situation you're not familiar with and the helicopter is not capable of then you will be just fine." Gliko said.

The Cascade County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the crash and no further details have been released at this time.

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