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Staying Fit During Football Season

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In the midst of football season it can be tough to un-glue ourselves from the TV.   Without realizing it we consume a vast amount of calories, the average Super Bowls 1,200 calories in that one game.   

You can still enjoy a game without eating a Thanksgiving dinner every time.  Nutritional Health Coach, Jackie Ludwig suggest adding easy-to-eat vegetables to the snack table.

"By having carrots, olives, sliced apples, you are already winning half the battle," added Ludwig.  By consuming these foods along with your chips-and-dip you are likely to get full quicker.   If you don't have time, it might be worth spending a few extra bucks buying cut up vegetables in a platter.  

OfcourseOf courset a football party if there are no wings, but experts say; buy wings with bone-in, and instead of using sauce mix it up by playing with different seasonings.

Lastly, if you cant make it to the gym, there's a few things you can do during commercial breaks.  "You can use a chair or your couch for doing touch-squats, push-ups, triceps-dips" adds YMCA Health & Wellness Director, Ben Wahl.

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