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Argos Pena Anchors UGF Defense

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 When Jose Pena Calls for the ball, it's best to get out of the way.

Because Pena clearly knows what he's doing. The Senior Goalkeeper ranks 4th in the nation in Goals-against-per-game. He's part of the reason the Argos are currently 9-1 on the season and riding a six game winning streak.

"I think Jose has come a long way," says UGF Head Coach Paul Zazenski. "He put in a lot of time over the summer playing in Spokane, Washington and really carried the confidence into this season."

It has shown on the scoreboard. Pena and the Argos have shutout their opponents seven times this season, is tied for first in the nation.  Pena gets the clean sheet but gives the credit to his defense.

"To be fair I have not done a lot of work because they have been so good," says Senior Goalkeeper Jose Pena. "I'm getting an average of about three shots a goal. And they haven't been amazing saves or anything. They're really committed to doing everything right for 90 minutes."

And The Argo Defenders can play at their best knowing that they have Pena between the pipes behind them.

"We feed off his vibe," says Senior Defender Eddie Gutierrez. We know that he's there. He motivates us and gives us that strive to keep playing hard and keep that zero."

Pena had to overcome more than just the internal competition to earn the starting job. He had to knock down a couple language barriers first.

"It was very difficult at the beginning. Because I really didn't know the language," says Pena. "Soccer is the reason I came to the U.S. The thing I've always been focused all the time is the soccer team and everything related to soccer. So if it wasn't for that, I don't know how I would have gotten through the stuff that was difficult in the beginning."

That's where sports can work as a translator. Across the board "zero" means a shut-out.

Thanks in large part to Pena, the Argos can say they've done that more than anyone else

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