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KFBB Game of the Week Preview: Jefferson at Townsend

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TOWNSEND - The term immovable object verses an unstoppable force is a little overused in sports. Yet that's almost exactly what we have this week as Jefferson comes to Townsend, but it's more like two unstoppable forces. These two teams combine for over 80 points per night on offense. It's going to be a fun show, and plus there's a little rivalry involved.

"We try to keep it as a regular week," said Townsend head coach Travis Rauh, "but you can tell there's something just a little bit different this week."

"It's pretty big," said Jefferson running back Braden Rykel. "We're friends with them off the field but once we hit the field it's game time. Someone's going to get knocked out."

Jefferson enters our game of the week 5-0 averaging over 250 rushing yards per night. And stopping that running attack is number one on the Bulldogs list to beat the Panthers.

"We've put in a few things this week to try and slow it down," said Bulldogs junior quarterback and linebacker Jace Lewis. "We just have to know our assignments and stay at home and we'll be fine."

"They're a run first team, but they have the ability to throw the ball," said Rauh. "The biggest thing is we've got to stop their run game. And I imagine they're going to do the same thing to us."

I would imagine coach is right. The Bulldogs also rely on a power rushing attack featuring quarterback Jace Lewis and running back Bryce Green. Neither of which are easy to take down.

"We've got to be fundamentally sound," said Jefferson head coach Clint Layng. "Our smaller guys have got to hit low. We've got to rally to the ball and get more than one guy on the ball carrier."

"We've got to hit them low," said Rykel. "We can't hit them high otherwise we're going to get stuffed up and we don't want that to happen. So we've just got to hit them low and wrap up."

Tackles won't be the only thing getting wrapped up. A win in a game like this for either team could wrap up a high seed in the playoffs.

"Whoever wins this game is in the driver seat this year," said Rauh. "Obviously Whitehall is still unbeaten at this point in time, and so they'll have a say in the whole thing."

"The winner of this game definitely has a leg up on the playoff race and looking to have a chance to win the conference and get home field," said Layng. "There's a lot of factors that go into this game."

As always for our game of the week we will have live interviews, post game sound, as well as full highlights on Friday night during the Friday Night Frenzy.

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