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Carroll Crushes Western, Roche to Clark Connection Clicking

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HELENA - It seems every week we learn something new about the Carroll Saints, and this week, particularly on offense, we learned something really good: Mac Roche has found his go to guy in Anthony Clark. Clark had double digit catches on the day, along with just being there whenever Mac was in trouble. This is chemistry that has been building since last summer, and we're finally getting to see the product of that on the field.

"It started from this summer, from the last spring ball going into this," said Clark. "We've got that comfortability going in. We always preach 'Never give up. Keep running your route.' You turn around and it's not coming to you keep moving, keep looking for that ball because you never know if it's going to come or not."

"Anthony had a great game," said Saints quarterback Mac Roche. "Both returning and catching the ball, we targeted him as much as we could. Because when you have a guy like that you've got to give him the ball."

"It's like every time you threw the ball to the sideline he was catching the ball," said Saints head coach Mike Van Diest. "Every catch I think was a first down catch. He's as good of a receiver as in the country. Sometimes he doesn't get the accolades, but he deserves it."

It was great to get that bye week rust off, but the Saints can't relax yet. Next week they're headed to Eastern Oregon, and the Saints haven't even won a game in the state of Oregon in three years. So they've got some major work to do according to Mike Van Diest.
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