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Senior Standout: CMR's Payton Netz

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It's not easy to score on CMR when Payton Netz is at the center of their defense. The Rustlers have posted 5 shut-out victories on the season...and are currently tied for 2nd place in the AA East.

"She's one of those kids that she gives you 110% all the time," says CMR Head Coach Rob Zimmerman. "She's always pushing and she's a great ball winner for us. She's very versatile player. We're able to utilize her in a lot of different positions."

Off the field, Payton is the type of girl that's all smiles. In fact, her personality can be defined by her nickname "Loopy." Just ask anybody that's known her since she was about four years old.

"When we were little she was kind of a little bit crazier. So her parents said she was loopy and it just stuck," says CMR Senior Lindsy Pyette. "I usually call her 'loop' though."

But Payton doesn't throw anyone for a "loop" when it comes to volunteering. She's involved in year book and she's been helping out at Eagle Mount for four years.

"It's special needs kids. You work with them," says CMR Senior Payton Netz. "I just always enjoyed helping and being around them."

Next year she'll continue her collegiate career at Carroll, following in the foot-steps of her older sister, Macie, who graduated last year. But there are two other former CMR products still on the team: Lexi Pyette and Ali Zimmerman.

"I played with them my Freshman year," says Netz. "So that's nice knowing girls on the team. It's a good school It's got a good soccer program."

But for now, she's focusing on the present. She wants to end her senior year with a state title.

"I think it would mean a lot. I meant everything to me," says Netz. "And mean so much to every girl on my team too."

And if she were to win a state title, she might have to get used to a new nickname: Champion.

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