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Senior Standout: Isaiah Cech

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Effort is the word most used to describe Helena Bengals senior middle linebacker Isaiah Cech.

"You've got to sell out every game if you want to win," said Cech. "Motivating people, if they're down, or missed a play you've just got to pick them right back up and tell them to brush it off and keep going."

The hard hitting Cech is a born leader for the Bengals' defense, but if it weren't for an injury, he may have gone a different route all together.

"I ski raced for seven years when I lived in Billings for the Silver Run Ski team," said Cech. "That was a blast, I really loved it. Came up here, was debating on whether I should do it or not. Blew out my knee freshman year, so that kind of sealed the deal. Stay with football instead."

I think that choice worked out pretty well. Isaiah has already committed himself to the Carroll Saints football team after graduation, where he'll follow in the footsteps of former Bengal linebacker turned Saint Sean Blomquist.

"I'm not going to go in and try to be the next Sean Blomquist," said Cech. "Two totally different athletes. I'm just going to go in and play my football."

Even though Isaiah could have gone to bigger conferences, he chose Carroll because he is already thinking about his life after the gridiron.

"I've been thinking about going into elementary education," said Cech. "I think working with little kids is fun, especially up at the ski hill, I teach up there. They're just a blast, and so funny. So why not work with them?"

Isaiah has big plans for his future. He'll start though by giving all the effort he's got to bring the Bengals a state title this year.

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