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OPINA's OPINION - Breaking Down the Northern C 8-Man Scenarios

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The Northern C has been a wild, WILD division this year.

But now we have a clearer picture of the standings thanks to yesterday's games.

Four teams have officially punched their tickets to the State playoffs: Belt (6-2), Chinook (5-2), Great Falls Central (4-2) and Simms (5-2).

Cascade, Power-Dutton-Brady, Centerville and CJI are OUT.

There's a lot of math involved in determining the final standings and seeds for the playoffs but here is the simplest way we can explain it.

The current seeding in the Northern C looks like this:

1) Chinook
2) Simms
3) Great Falls Central
4) Belt

The seeds are NOT YET finalized. The Chinook versus CJI game will determine the final seeds. If Chinook defeats CJI by 8 points (or more), the seeds will remain the same.

IF Chinook only wins by 6 points, the seeds will shuffle:

1) Simms
2) Chinook
3) Great Falls Central
4) Belt

IF Chinook loses, the seeds will be completely flipped to this:

1) Simms
2) Great Falls Central
3) Belt
4) Chinook

Tie-Breakers are determined by head-to-head competition and a point system.

Chinook plays at CJI next Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Thanks to Tannar Cummings for contributing this information.
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